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Altment has its head office in  Barcelona and local presence in Madrid and Andorra with local Partners in Santiago de Chile, Lima, Bogotá and  Tel Aviv, that bring our clients  a one stop shop solution for their capital raising needs. This provides them with access to growing, fast-evolving and “hard-to-access” markets while also keeping them up-to-date with  any regulatory changes.


Altment’s 3 founding partners have a  long track record and proven experience placing both liquid and illiquid strategies, including mutual funds, private equity, private debt, venture capital infrastructure, energy and real estate. Over $2.5B raised and 50+ engagements with a diverse range of asset managers in the last years, prove it.


Our tailored execution approach with clear focus on specific markets and distinct investors allows our clients to have quality interaction with family offices and institutional  investors in our ample network, diversifying their investor base in a very efficient and effective manner.