Fund Placement

Altment Capital Partners' fund placement practice focuses on providing access for a limited number of top-tier alternative investment funds projects to family offices and institutional investors based in alternative markets.

For the last decade, Altment´s Team has developed a strong track record working with premier investment firms, becoming a recognized leading independent placement agent in our targeted markets. 

Our firm’s fund placement team is generally engaged as the exclusive agent for Latin American, Iberian and/or Middle Eastern markets by international alternative investment funds.

The team was pioneer in raising capital from local pension funds in Latin America, and continues building relationships and overseeing regulatory developments in other major emerging market regions.

“At Altment, we believe that at any point in a market cycle, the diversification of the investor base – either geographically or by type of investor – will help the capital-raising process to be less fraught and lengthy. In the current globalized private placement market, even high quality, top-performing fund managers will face disappointing fundraising outcomes if this part of the strategy is not considered”.

Our tailored execution approach, dedicated team and strong track record in alternative fundraising markets, support global fund managers to diversify their investor base.