April/20 “This work is extremely impressive! I'll make sure it can inspire our own team. Thank you very much.”

Sept/19 “We truly enjoyed the two well organized days and the high-quality investors we’ve met through your introductions. We are sure this will be a fruitful longterm partnership and it definitely was a perfect start to establish our brand in Spain.”

Jun/19 “I can´t let the weekend approach without thanking you for being such a great ambassador to Chile for us. We were so energized by the trip and the people we met. We look forward to continuing our efforts in the country in partnership with you."

Jan/19 “Thank you for organising a couple of very good days with serious prospects and existing clients.”


Dec/18 “Thank you for all of your efforts setting up all of the meetings and a very enjoyable visit to Israel.”


Oct/18 “Thank you for yet another very well organised roadshow in Barcelona and Andorra. All the logistics went according to plan and we are happy with the follow up meetings. I feel we are meeting with the right decision makers in the right organisation."


Oct/18 “Just wanted to say thanks for the invite and for a fantastic trip. It was brilliant in many ways – and superbly organised and hosted with great client access."


Sept/18 “Thank you so much for a fantastic few days of meetings - I think we should get some traction with some of them soon which is really great."


Jun/18 “Many thanks for an extremely well organized road trip with very judicious choices of targeted prospects. It was a great pleasure to travel with you, I very much look forward to seeing you again in Iberia, and to a long and prosperous relationship for us all."


Apr/18 - “We want to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH for making the last 2 days very interesting,labour-intensive and insightful for us in Madrid. To us this is only the start and the next interactions and follow-ups will be important to demostrate our commitment and desire to support Spanish investors."


Feb/18 - "We would like to thank you very much for your effort and hospitality during this leg of our 1. roadshow to Spain. We were very impressed by the frequency of meetings and the number of good conversations that we had."

Oct/17 - “Our thanks to you for organizing such a wonderful first trip to the Iberia. We are very confident about the prospects in the region, both for ABC and Altment, based on such an encouraging feedback from the meetings. We strongly believe that given your relationships with all the prospects we shall soon start seeing success”

May/17 – “You did a great job with both organizing eight high-quality meetings and also coordinating the logistical aspects of our day. Matt and I both agree that this was a productive trip and should result in something very positive for us.”


Mar/17 – “Thank you for you and your team’s hard work on this raise. You run a first class outfit and it’s been a pleasure working with true professionals.”