Allocations to private capital by Spanish investors, currently adjust five percent of overall portfolios, are set to nearly double in the coming years, bringing it closer to the level of international investors.

Spanish Institutional and retail investors have  aprox €530bn invested in funds. Spanish fund management companies account for the majority of the assets, with approximately € 400 bn.


International Fund Management companies  actively marketing in the Iberian market account for the remaining €130 bn.


Spanish pension funds have approximately €100 billion of AUM. Spanish pension  funds are more conservative in their asset allocation mandates  than other pension funds in Europe. Two-thirds  of the total pension fund assets are invested in  Spanish fixed income instruments.

There are 20 pension funds actively investing in private  equity, with commitments of around €600m. The top five institutional investors represent  around 60% of the total assets committed. Ticket  sizes  for  commitments  vary  between  $1m and $15m.

Insurance companies have aprox. €80  billion in AUM although the majority of these  assets are invested in Spanish fixed income  instruments.

Single and multi-family offices are the growing  rapidly. There are currently more than 30 FO with  more than €1bn in AUM.

Top five institutional investors